Fun Learning Links *** NEW LINKS IN RED*** Updated Oct 22

Dolphin Bay Elementary Web site:

On this web site you will find information about schools policies. You will also find a link to Virtual Councelor and FCAT Explorer.

On Virtual Councelor you will find information regarding your childs benchmark scores, referrals, etc.

On FCAT Explorer your child will be able to practice and build FCAT testing skills.

FCAT Brochure:

Additional FCAT Links: Including Myths and Truths about the FCAT, Released test, etc.

Student Textbooks and Virtural Councelor directions:

 How can I view the online textbooks?  

1. Log onto

2. Click on BEEP link, on left hand side

3. Select student portal

4. Insert students ID number and password ( birthday: mm/dd/yyyy) include slashes

  How can I log onto Virtual Counselor? 

1. Go to

2. Click on Virtual Counselor link, on bottom left hand side

3. Parents must create a parent ID, student may log in using students ID # and password , mm/dd/yyyy, include slashes

General Learning Links:

Fun Brain: Great fun web site. Students can play arcade games. Read online books. Play challening math games. FUN, FUN, FUN!

Reading Links:

PBS Lions to Go!

Reading Rockets:  This web site will provide parents with strategies to help students improve reading skills. Family link on bottom left of screen. 

Study Zone Test Prep Center

This web site has great Language Arts lessons for teaching and reviewing

various standards. The user can choose a grade level (1
st – 4th grades) as well

as a topic. Within this site is interactive practice and multiple choice test

practices that are self-checking. It would be a great site to practice for the state


 Story Scramble

This website allows children to sequence parts of an “Arthur” story. There are

links on the left hand side of the screen for other online activities.

 Spelling and Vocabulary

Word Central:  Games, student friendly definition, word of the day!


Flash Card Math! Flash card interactive activity!

I Know That

This web site has interactive activities and games for pre-K-6th grade. A great

place to start is Leon’s Math Dojo. It is great for skill review time. If you are asked

to register, you can click “Maybe Later.

Telling Time and Intervals

Colorful clock that can be used in telling time and showing time intervals, 1

minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour. Students can

practice several skills using this clock.


Primary Resources for Interactive Whiteboards

This website is contains numerous activities for interactive whiteboards in all
subject areas. One terrific activity for 2nd/3rd grade level students is “Greater

Than Less Than.” It is a drag and drop game with several levels, and it is self

checking. Another great Math game is “Bang the Time.” A clock is shown and

when the minute hand reaches the given time, the player “stops the clock.” This

is also self-checking.

Splat Squares

You’ll find an interactive hundreds board to practice skip counting. You decide

on the number to skip count and then put colorful “splats” on the numbers.

Toon Math Games

Try these math games for second and third graders. The Compare Number

Values game times students as they use the greater than, less than, and equals

sign in the number sentence.

E-Lab, Grade 3 - Symmetry

Check out this site to demonstrate lines of symmetry. You can pick horizontal,

vertical, and any line of symmetry. Then students can move the line/s to draw a

line of symmetry.


NASA Kid's Club: Science related pictures and games.

Main student NASA site : Select activities and read information based on grade level or topic.

NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries: A top pick! Amazing videos and pictures related to marine life and nationally protected water/land areas.

Interested in more in depth science sites:  Check these out!

Art Crayola Site: Provides fun activities for families to create together.

Ben's Guide: Grades 3-5

This website has informational pages on many of the third grade social studies

standards including community, government, symbols of America. Each page

contains easy to read information on the subject.


Dallas Symphony Site: Fun music site. Student can learn about instruments, create music and play music games.

New York Philharmonic: Another great music site. A great site to inspire a composition and a love for music.

San Francisco Symphony: Great family fun! One of my favorites.


KidsHealth: A fanatastic website! This site will provide students with the opportunity to learn about growing up, body health, social health, etc. A must see!

Student Friendly Web Search Links

KidsClick! : Search Engine

Encyclopedia: Student friendly encyclopedia